We make the complex simple

Casnor Limited are property experts who help you acquire and manage your property investment portfolio. We work with an array of residential properties, as well as new developments. We are serviced accommodation providers, who manage properties in an expansive territory around North Yorkshire as well as North East and London, with a strong network of property professionals.

Services We Provide

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Property Acquisitions

Even in challenging times, we acquire the best properties for you.

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Serviced Accommodation

We help you service your investment properties and manage them on a monthly basis.

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Property Management

We don't just acquire properties - we refurbish, manage and maintain them.

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How can we acquire properties for you?

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Save You Time

Time is money, let Casnor save you time while you earn from your deals.

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Better Returns

Casnor will deliver quality properties that will give you high returns.

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Peace of mind

When you work with Casnor you are in safe hands with all your deals and long-term investment.

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Local Knowledge

When you work with Casnor you are working with local people who can give you the right directions.



It's been  great experienced to have Casnor to help me on UK property investment.They're very experienced professional on every aspect from property acquisitions  and refurb management.

They provided valuable and timely recommendations that I really appreciated along the way. 



I had a great experience working with Valyntina, I like how she goes above and beyond to help her clients. She managed to source me two deals and help bring me a builder.

So far I am satisfied with her work and unique approach!



My experience working with  Valyntina and her team is so amazing especially in buying a perfect property for us. They are so knowledgeable and have gone above and beyond for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Casnor!